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Craft cocktail tea bag innovator Sayso launches new packaging, flavours

Apr 27, 2023

New York City-based beverage company Sayso – creator of the world's first craft cocktail tea bag – is unveiling a new product packaging and two new flavours for the brand's first anniversary.

Launched last year by Harvard Business School graduates Chloe Bergson and Alison Evans, the company was brought to life mid-pandemic when the students felt frustrated trying to recreate cocktails they once fancied at bars – while at home.

Unlike traditional cocktail mixers made with artificial flavours, Sayso has all-natural dehydrated fruits and herbs packed in biodegradable tea bags.

Customers just need to steep the tea bags in cold water for three minutes, add the spirit/s of their choice – or skip for a mocktail – and add ice.

Sayso has four flavours in its lineup – the Skinny Spicy Margarita, Rosemary Honey Moscow Mule, Skinny Cardamon Paloma, and the Old Fashioned – soon to become six with the introduction of the two new flavours: Espresso Martini and Hibiscus Cosmopolitan.

Aside from the new flavours, the company has also redesigned its packaging. From this month, its box packaging will be replaced with pouches made from post-consumer recycled materials.

As a result, the product will also be offered at a lower price of US$16 for eight cocktail teabags, down from the previous price of $24.

"As Sayso celebrates our first anniversary, we are thrilled to introduce our new sustainable packaging and two new cocktails to our customers," said Bergson.

"Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience with high-quality ingredients, convenience, and sustainability at the forefront."