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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Customize Furniture & Apply Motifs (Touch of Magic Guide)

Jul 09, 2023

Disney Dreamlight Valley players can use Motifs on their furniture items, and here's how to do it.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley's "Remembering Update," players are presented with all new and exciting ways to decorate their home and landscape of the valley. A notable addition to the update is the ability to customize furniture items using motifs, enabling players to craft unique designs tailored to their preferences. This introduces a remarkable enhancement to the value of motifs, which were previously limited to clothing items. Many players expressed frustration at how little they were able to do with these designs, making them relatively undesirable rewards when included in the game's Star Path events.

With this new update, players can now apply the game's extensive selection of patterns and designs inspired by beloved Disney characters and themes to furniture for placement in their home and around the Valley. With this remarkable feature, players can elevate their homes to unprecedented levels of personalization, creating a truly magical and individualized experience within the game. Here's how to unlock and customize furniture in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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There are a total of 15 different pieces of furniture that can be customized with motifs using the game's versatile Touch of Magic tool. Three of these are available immediately without needing to be crafted: the Basic Large Table, Basic Chair, and Basic Wardrobe.

Twelve furniture items must be crafted at a crafting station before they can be placed and customized. The player must craft each of these additional furniture items one time before that piece is unlocked for customization. Once a basic piece has been crafted, the player can then craft and customize as many of that item as they’d like without having to purchase or craft additional copies of that furniture item.

Here is a full list of all furniture that can be customized with the Touch of Magic tool, and the materials required for crafting them:

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To customize a new piece of furniture, open the Furniture menu and select the new "Customize" option listed first in the Categories group. This opens the Furniture Customization menu. The player can then create a new customized piece of furniture by selecting the "Add new" button. From here, the player can select any of the basic furniture designs they have unlocked. Again, the player can customize as many of a single item as they want without having to craft a new basic item for each one.

The player should select the furniture piece they wish to customize and then select the "Create" button. This places a blank white piece of the furniture in front of the player that is ready for customization. Once the player has placed a basic furniture item, they can start customizing it. The Touch of Magic tool works similarly as it does when customizing clothing, with some significant new features and improvements. Many furniture pieces have separate features which can be customized independent of one another.

For example, when customizing a basic bed, the bedspread and bed frame can have completely different colors and patterns applied. Additionally, the player can adjust the textures applied to their customizations. Each piece of basic furniture can have a Metal texture applied, and the Glossiness of the item's finish can be adjusted using a slider. This allows players to create custom furniture that shines in the light, for example emulating the finish of a metal locker or silk sheets.

Motifs can be applied to any basic furniture item and can be manipulated similarly to motifs applied to clothing. The player can place up to 50 motifs on a single piece of furniture, each on their own separate layer. The order of the layers can be rearranged by selecting a layer and holding down the selection button, then dragging it to the desired position in the Layers menu. This is helpful for rearranging motifs to be above or underneath others for creative designs.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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