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Latest Report Agricultural Films Market is estimated to be US$ 24.2 billion by 2032; Growing demand for Agricultural Products to Foster Industrial Growth 2022

May 05, 2023

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17 May, 2023, 06:48 ET

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COVINA, Calif., May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Prophecy Market Insights, "Agricultural Films Market Sets New Records with US$ 24.2 billion Value and Accelerating CAGR of 6.8%".

What is the Overview of Agricultural Films Market?

Agriculture Films used to improve overall quality of crop production by reducing risk of crop spoilage associated with weeds, pests and weather. Due to beneficial properties such as conservation of water, modification of soil temperature and others is likely to propel Agricultural Films market growth.

Adoption of agricultural technologies such as silage films, mulch films and greenhouse films has given positive impact on target market growth. Rapidly growing population and rising demand for agricultural products is expected to provide lucrative opportunities in Agricultural Films market growth coming years.

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What is Prophecy's Analyst View on Agricultural Films Market?

Agricultural Films are used in preserving fodder of animals in which these type of films contributes in sustainable agricultural production. Improving soil structure is the major benefits of agricultural films which has driven market growth. Innovation in agricultural technologies has further, fruitful the demand for Agricultural Films market growth.

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