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You Can Submerge This Disposable Camera In Water Up to 35 Feet Deep

Jul 01, 2023

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In an era of smartphone cameras and digital photography, disposable cameras (also called single-use cameras) are a taste of retro fun paired with uncomplicated operation. These compact, lightweight devices have a fixed focal length, minimal flash settings, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Single-use cameras take photos using negatives, which are loaded into the camera and then exposed to light when you snap a photo. Then, once you develop the negatives, your photo will resemble the original photographed scene. Test editor and photography enthusiast Matt Crisara also tells us that while Polaroids and instant cameras develop images within seconds, disposables are simply traditional 35-millimeter cameras that you can't reload with new rolls of film.

Since they have a simplistic design and little-to-no settings, disposable cameras are a fuss-free way to document your favorite memories—no worrying about losing your expensive mirrorless or your favorite DSLR. Whether you’re headed on vacation or to a backyard party this summer, a single-use camera will be your newest go-to.

All disposables cameras range in capability, quality, and purposes. Even though they’re a straightforward way to take pictures, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To put it simply, the ISO, which stands for International Standards Organization, is the measurement of how sensitive the film is to light. On digital cameras, this is a variable setting, but on film, it's a fixed number. The higher the ISO, the brighter your photos will be.

Many disposable cameras come equipped with 800 ISO, like our best overall pick from Kodak, which is suitable for a variety of different lighting situations. Others have a lower ISO in the 200 to 400 range, and are best used outside and in direct sunlight. In addition to ISO, a flash setting can also help add balance to your photos, depending on the environment you’re in.

Opt for a disposable camera that comes with a flash and has a higher ISO for bright or dark/shadowy conditions. But if you want to exercise your photography skills, try out a camera with a lower ISO to practice taking pictures outdoors.

The amount of exposures is the amount of photos you can take on a single roll. Disposables come pre-loaded, and our selections range from 16 to 39 exposures. A single-use camera with more exposures will get you more bang for your buck, while options with a lower exposure amount might be better reserved for special occasions.

We scoured the internet for disposable cameras that offer a variety of features, exposures, and price points. We looked for single-use cameras with decent-quality film that are designed for different environments like indoor, outdoor, and underwater. We took into account the amount of exposures from one roll, the ISO level, and whether or not the camera came with flash. We’ve settled on the following list of the best disposable cameras for any and all of your adventures this summer.

The Kodak FunSaver is probably one of the most recognizable and commonly used disposable cameras. It has 800 ISO color-negative film pre-loaded, and works well in indoor and outdoor conditions. You can take photos in sunlight without emphasizing highlights, and the quality will still hold up in darker conditions.

The grain is very subtle to give your pictures that old film vibe without overdoing it, and you can use the built-in flash whenever there are deep shadows or less optimal lighting.

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FunSaver Disposable Camera


Photography in black and white can come in handy if there are distracting colors in your scene or if you want to convey a certain mood. This disposable camera has 400 ISO and is best used in open daylight.

It has very fine grain and good contrast for emphasis, and it's pre-loaded with high-quality film. There is an exposure counter so you know how many photos are left on the roll, and an optional flash for dark days.

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XP2 Disposable Camera with Black and White Film (2-Pack)


Document your next beach vacation with a waterproof disposable camera. It comes fully loaded with Superia X-TRA 800 film for vibrant images, even under water. It has an oversized shutter button and operation knob for easy access if you’re wearing diving gloves or have wet hands.

It's safe to submerge in water up to 35 feet deep, and the camera is protected by a plastic case that also keeps out dirt and sand.

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QuickSnap Waterproof One-Time-Use Camera


This disposable looks like an old-time camera from the outside, and photos have a very retro feel. There is a built-in flash with a range of up to three meters, and the camera can be used inside and outside.

It comes loaded with low-ISO film, so be careful using this inside, and there are 16 exposures on one roll. The shell can be recycled, and there is a "develop before" date on it to ensure the camera film hasn't expired before use.

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Vintage Disposable Camera


Ready to capture all your memorable moments from the summer season? This disposable camera will be your go-to for any adventure since it has tons of exposures.

It's specifically designed to be used outdoors and in sunlight, so there's no need to mess around with flash. It has a single-lens element, and comes with 35 millimeter film with 800 ISO that is loaded and ready to go.

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Daylight 39 Disposable Analog Camera


Another very common disposable camera, the QuickSnap from Fujifilm is reliable point-and-shoot for indoor and outdoor use. It takes sharp, quality photos with 35 millimeter film and 400 ISO.

There is a built-in flash with a range of up to 10 feet, 27 exposures on one roll, and the pack includes a wrist strap and lens cleaner. It's always worth noting that lots of photographers prefer Fujifilm's film for its punchy colors, so this is a great pick for landscapes or other colorful images.

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QuickSnap Disposable 35mm Camera


Rather than having to take film to a pharmacy for development (if you can find one that still offers that), you can use the included prepaid mailer instead and let Analog Camera Company take care of the rest.

You can also get digital scans sent directly to your phone for easy sharing, and there is a QR code on the back of the camera to provide mailing details for developed photos. Developing your disposable camera photos is probably one of the biggest hangups with disposables these days, so for ease of use, this is an excellent pick.

There is an exposure counter, built-in flash, and the body of the camera comes in a variety of colors. Best of all, Analog recycles every camera body so you can know you’re creating less plastic waste.

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Disposable Camera


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