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Editor’s Pick: Shop This Line of Disposable Travel Essentials

Jun 30, 2023

These packing essentials help you travel with your health in mind.

As a serial entrepreneur, Bridget Francis, is first African American woman to start a travel-friendly sanitary solutions company. B Luxury Essentials is her line of disposable and biodegradable linens and towels that are easy to pack for your next trip and dispose afterwards with minimal waste.

The New Orleans native developed the idea for the company in the midst of the pandemic when "germaphobia" was at its peak. Francis, who also owns a daycare, was constantly worrying about purifying the space to prevent the spread of the illness. During this time, she started brainstorming solutions to maintain this level of cleanliness in all aspects of her life moving forward.

Francis, who is an avid traveler, realized that there was a lack of affordable, disposable and aesthetically-pleasing linen products on the market. For years prior, Francis always brought her own sheets and towels when staying away from home, which was tedious to pack and even more annoying to bring back after a stay. She knew it was time to do what she does best...start a company.

Francis founded B Luxury Essentials, a line of biodegradable and disposable towels, bedding, and more, as an efficient solution for prioritizing sanitary solutions while traveling. Disposable options are no longer just for medical facilities or massage therapists. The brand provides product for those who want to protect themselves, their families, and "do their part in stopping the spread of diseases, infections, and viruses." Shop the line below.

B Luxury Essentials Luxurious Robe $60,

B Luxury Essentials Disposable Bedding $21,

B Luxury Essentials Hair Turban $19,

B Luxury Essentials Disposable Hand Towel Set $16,

B Luxury Essentials B Luxury Essentials B Luxury Essentials B Luxury Essentials