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Wink Boutique Turns 20, Reflects on Fun, Fashion Across Two Decades; Anniversary Collection Is Summer Chic

Jun 15, 2023

By Victoria Ford | on June 07, 2023

GO BOLD: Lindsay Sweeney models a Liverpool pant and Z Supply top; Kayleigh Bonacorso wears a floral romper. (Photos by Jack Reynolds)

Wink Boutique celebrates its 20th season in business this summer, offering a delightful array of clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes for women of all ages. With owner Lindsay Sweeney's extensive background in fashion merchandising and her commitment to customer satisfaction, Wink Boutique has become a beloved destination for fashion-forward individuals. As summer approaches, there's no better time to get excited about the hottest fashion trends Wink has in store for the season and learn more about its milestone celebration.

Retro Revival. One of the standouts this year is a playful nod to the ’70s with a touch of flower power. Think vibrant colors and bold prints reminiscent of vintage kitchen tablecloths and wallpaper. It's a fun and nostalgic trend that adds a touch of whimsy to any summer wardrobe. This year, shades of green are up front and center, such as celery and emerald green, including the trendy "acid green." These shades are paired with pops of yellow, oranges and blues, creating an invigorating and eye-catching palette.

Pretty in Pink. Hot pink is another color that dominates the summer fashion scene, partly due to the release of the "Barbie" movie this year. It's a vibrant and energetic hue that is perfect for embracing the spirit of summer. Wink Boutique offers a wide range of pink options, from pink denim shorts to midi dresses, allowing you to make a bold statement or incorporate it subtly into your outfits through patterns and accents.

A floral dress and Veronica M jumpsuit strike the right chord. This summer's trends go to extremes.

Good Jeans. When it comes to bottoms, wide-leg jeans are making a comeback. While skinny jeans still have their place, the trend leans toward straight and wide-leg cuts, providing a comfortable and fashionable alternative. Stay on trend while enjoying the freedom of movement and breathability that wide-leg jeans offer.

Power Dressing. Blazers are also in vogue, especially in pink and neon shades. The beauty of blazers lies in their versatility, as they can be effortlessly dressed up or down to suit any occasion. These oversized and relaxed blazers can be paired with a crisp white tee, creating a chic ensemble suitable for both work and leisure, particularly if you’re spending time near the beach.

Maximum Style. While maxi dresses remain a popular choice, maxi skirts are gaining momentum this summer. The added fabric and flowy silhouette offer an elegant and comfortable option. Pair these skirts with a bralette or a classic T-shirt from Z Supply, available in crew and V-neck styles. To create a more ready-to-wear look, consider combining a basic top with a skirt featuring a vibrant and eye-catching print.

Sheer Bliss. In terms of accent trends, sheer fabrics have become a sensation. Incorporating sheer elements into your outfit adds a touch of allure and sophistication. They offer a glimpse of skin while leaving much to the imagination, creating a captivating effect that is bound to turn heads. Wink Boutique offers a selection of sheer garments that can be worn as a key piece or layered with other items for a more nuanced look.

Leather Love. Leather has long been associated with edginess and rebellion, but Wink Boutique is showcasing it in a more understated, classic way. For those looking to embrace fall's upcoming trends, Wink Boutique suggests leather trims as a subtle nod to the popular material. Imagine a basic tank top with leather trim on the neckline and straps – a stylish way to bridge the transition between seasons.

Ruffled Up. Tiered ruffle dresses are a feminine and playful trend that adds flair to any outfit. Look for cap sleeves and ruffle accents on plain T-shirts for extra charm. Whether you’re attending a summer soirée, beach wedding or a brunch with friends, the ruffle trend is a surefire way to embrace your inner romantic.

* * *

In addition to apparel, Wink Boutique offers an array of jewelry options to complete your summer ensemble. "Look-at-me earrings" with green accents steal the show, demanding attention wherever you go. The boutique also has a wide variety of gold and ceramic jewelry, such as ceramic handmade posts. For a more delicate touch, dainty bracelets and necklaces provide a barely-there look for any outfit.

As Wink Boutique celebrates its 20th year, Sweeney and her team are planning exciting festivities. They will be hosting giveaways and throwing a grand party to commemorate the milestone. To keep up with the latest trends and participate in the anniversary giveaways, be sure to visit Wink Boutique's online store and follow @winkboutiquesLBI on Instagram. Discover what's new and join the celebration.

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