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I'm a traveller & here is how I make my bed look super posh

Jan 31, 2024

A GYPSY woman has taken to social media to show off how she makes her bed, leaving social media users divided.

Marykate Smith, a traveller from the UK, took to TikTok to share her bed making method, whereby she adds 15 pillows and a huge bedspread, that she doesn't actually sleep in.

Marykate explained that her bedding is all for show, as she wants it to look ‘fancy’.

Posting on the video sharing platform, the woman shared her clip with the caption ‘Put my bedspread on with me.’

She said: "So a lot of you have been asking a lot of questions about my bedding so I thought I'd tell you where I got it from and how I make it.

"So, first of all, I don't sleep in my bedspreads, it's clearly just for show to make it look fancy.

"Right now I'm just putting on another quilt, just so it lifts up my bedding and makes it appear higher.

"Now I'm just putting on the bedspread, this bedspread is a proper nightmare to get level and tuck it all in.

"If you’ve got long nails, then you’ll know the struggle of putting on a bedspread, so I'm just trying to tuck all the corners and get all the corners nice and straight.

"This quilt I bought from Cambridge Fair, it was a travelling fair - I bought it from a woman called Tammy Smith.

"Mind you, though, I bought this quilt probably about 8 years ago, so, yeah, a long time I've had this quilt.

"So right now I'm just propping up all my little pillows and then the little cushions I put on the back just to make the other ones stand up a bit higher.

"Just trying to put these little ones at the front so they stay all nice and pointy.

"Right now we're on to the throw, the throw is a nightmare because it was all ravelling up underneath, so I'm just trying to get it all nice and smooth and trying to level it up.

"Next up, I'm just trying to put the little pillows at the front, but this little pillow just did not want to stay up for me today, so I was trying to get it to pop up properly.

"Last little finishing touches of my bed and there we go, guys. That is my bedspread."

Marykate's video has quickly amassed 48.2k views and has 3,103 likes, 36 comments and 25 shares.

But social media users were left divided at the bed-making video - while some thought Marykate's bed looked lovely, others thought it was far too much effort.

One person said: "Wow I love the bedspread."

Another added: "Beautiful."

A third commented: "Looks lovely."

However, someone else noted: "That would drive me insane removing a 100 pillows and blankets before I got to bed, looks nice but I personally couldn't cope with all that."

A second chimed in: "Taking this off every night is so long."

Whilst a third posted: "Pillows are overkill, makes it cluttered."

Meanwhile, someone else claimed: "How do people see this and think it's nice? Bloody ridiculous!"

A GYPSY woman has taken to social media to show off how she makes her bed, leaving social media users divided.