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Bodega x Crocs Collab: All

Nov 17, 2023

The next-gen Boston streetwear retailers design a deployable shoe cover that puts every corny collab Jibbitz to shame


Bob Myaing

If there's one type of footwear that the Field Mag crew takes more seriously than all-terrain shoes and boots, it's ultra-cozy aprés slippers, slides, and clogs for camp and at-home wear. The EVA foam Crocs clog reigns supreme for its cost, comfort, and polarizing aesthetics. Streetwear retailer Bodega chose the brand's Classic All-Terrain Clog as their canvas to receive a special graphic treatment and protective add-on that goes above and beyond the standard fare Jibbitz accouterments.

Beginning with the Crocs All-Terrain Clog, Bodega went for a tree bark camo print featuring ample lichen coverage. From here, Bodega attaches its prominent creation: the NICT-TECH Conversion Kit made up of the NICT-TECH Pouch and NICT-TECH Hood, which deploys an insulating and weather-protective cover over the clog's perforated body. The Bodega x Crocs All-Terrain "NICT-TECH" Clog ($90) will be available in limited quantities from Bodega on 5/12 at 12 PM EST and in-store at both the Boston and Los Angeles store locations.

[Editor's note: if you just can't bring yourself to rock a pair of Crocs, check out our picks from the best alternate EVA foam slipper and shoe options]

Utilizing a biomimetic design process, the Bodega team drew inspiration from the nictitating membrane of the crocodile, a clear secondary eyelid the amphibian deploys to protect its eyeball while underwater. Here, the NICT-TECT Conversion Kit brings similar protection to wearers of the clog by deploying its protective barrier to the aerated EVA foam uppers. When it's not needed, the kit can be completely detached so that the bark camo print can be fully appreciated.

Compared to the standard issue Crocs Classic Clog, the All-Terrain model offers a thoroughly improved sole for more rugged terrain and a comfortable, adjustable "turbo strap" to dial in the perfect fit–perfect for switching between a sock and sock-free wear.

As with all great releases from the streetwear world, this one is highly limited. Keep your eye on the shop link for the May 12th, 12 PM EST online release, or make your way to Bodega's Boston and Los Angeles stores to sink your teeth into a pair.


If you just can't bring yourself to rock a pair of Crocs, check out our picks from the best alternate EVA foam slipper and shoe options

Published 05-11-2023