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6′ ′ *2-9/10′ ′ Transparent Dental Disposable Plastic T Handle Sleeves

6′ ′ *2-9/10′ ′ Transparent Dental Disposable Plastic T Handle Sleeves

Overview 6''*2-9/10''Transparent Dental Disposable Plastic T Handle Sleeves Product Description Detailed PhotosFactory W;
Basic Info
Usage Medical and Dental
Usage Times Disposable
Material Plastic
Applicable Departments Dental Department
Certification CE, FDA
Transport Package Boxe Packing
Specification options
Trademark ALWINGS
Origin China
Production Capacity 1000000000000/Week
Product Description
6''*2-9/10''Transparent Dental Disposable Plastic T Handle Sleeves
Product Description
Ref.#Disposable Plastic Barrier SleevesPacking
HPS-H1High-Speed Handpiece Sleeves Size 1X8'', Thickness 2.75C500pc/box 36box/ctn
HPS-L1Low-Speed Handpiece Sleeves Size 1-1/2'' X8'',Thickness 2.75C500pc/box 36box/ctn
SS-C1Syringe Sleeves Size 2-1/2''X10'' Tip opening, Clear, Thickness 2.4C500pc/box 36box/ctn
SS-B1Syringe Sleeves Size 2-1/2''X10'' Tip opening, Blue, Thickness 2.4C500pc/box 36box/ctn
SS-M1Syringe Sleeve, Size 7-3/1'' ×5'',Thickness 1.7c500pc/box 36box/ctn
XSS-01X-Ray Sensor Sleeves Size 1-5/8''X8'', Thickness 2C500pc/box 36box/ctn
XSS-02X-Ray Sensor Sleeves Size 2-1/2''X10'' Thickness 2.4C500pc/box 36box/ctn
XRS-01X-Ray Film Sleeves Size 15''X26'', Thickness 2.25C250pc/Box 4Box/Ctn
HRC-01Headrest Cover Size 10''X11'', Thickness 2C250pcs/box 12boxes/ctn
HRC-02Headrest Cover Size 10''X14'', Thickness 2C250pcs/box 12boxes/ctn
TC-01Tray Cover Size 10-1/2''X14'', Thickness 2C500pcs/box 6boxes/ctn
TC-03Tray Cover Size 11-5/8'' X16, Thickness 2C 500pcs/box 6boxes/ctn
FCS-00Full Chair Sleeves Size 29''X80'', Thickness 1.34C125pcs/box 3boxes/ctn
FCS-01Full Chair Sleeves Size 29''X80'', Thickness 2C 125pcs/box 3boxes/ctn
FCS-02Full Chair Sleeves Size 48''X56'', Thickness 2C 150pcs/box 3boxes/ctn
HCS-01Half Chair Sleeves Size 27-1/2''X24'', Thickness 1.7C 225pcs/box 3boxes/ctn
HCS-02Half Chair Sleeves Size 32''×32'', Thickness 1.7C 225pcs/box 3boxes/ctn
CLS-01Complete Curing Light Sleeves Size 12-2/5''X4-1/8'' Straight top, Width 1-1/5'', Thickness 2.5C250pc/Box 36Box/Ctn
CLS-02Complete Curing Light Sleeves Size 9-7/8''X1-7/8'' Straight top, Width 1-1/10'', Thickness 2.5C500pc/Box 36Box/Ctn
CLS-03Complete Curing Light Sleeves Size 13''X2-1/10''Curved top, Width 4/5'', Thickness 2.5C500pc/box 36box/ctn
CLS-04Complete Curing Light Sleeves Size 13''X3-1/3'' Curved top, Width 4/5'', Thickness 2.5C500pc/box 20box/ctn
CGS-02Curing Light Guide Sleeves Size 4-1/3'' X 3'' Fit 9-11cm light guide, Thickness 3C200pc/Box 42 Box/Ctn
THS-02"T" Handle Sleeves Size 6''X2-9/10'', Thickness 3C500pcs/box 36boxes/ctn
SHS-01Scaler Handle Sleeves Size 1-3/5'' X8'', Thickness 2.75C500pc/Box 36Box/Ctn
SHS-02Scaler Handle Sleeves Size 1-3/5''X7'' Tip opening, Thickness 2.75C500pc/Box 36Box/Ctn
OCS-01Intra-Oral Camera Sheath Size 9-4/5''X2'', Thickness 2C Paper Sleeves100pc/Box 36Box/Ctn
OCS-02Intra-Oral Camera Sheath Size 10-1/5''X2'', Thickness 2.5C500pc/Box 36Box/Ctn
MB-01Optical PC Mouse Barriers Size 6-1/3''X3-1/2'', Thickness 3C500pc/Box 36Box/Ctn
TMS-01RTurbine Motor Sleeve (Roll bag), Size 1.8"X17.7" ( 45mmx450mm), Thickness 2.5C250pc/Box 18Box/Ctn
SC-01RSyringe Cover (Roll bag) 2.2"X17.7" (55mmx450mm) Thickness 2.5C250pc/Box 18Box/Ctn
HRC-01RHeadrest Cover (Roll bag) 11.8''X9'' (300mmx230), Thickness 3C250pc/Box 8Box/Ctn
Detailed PhotosFactory Work Shop

6′ ′ *2-9/10′ ′ Transparent Dental Disposable Plastic T Handle Sleeves

Company Profile

Shanghai Alwings Medical Industries. is an integrated enterprise of production and trade, with its head office located in Shanghai city, China. Our ranges of dental consumables come from our own production facility as well as some of Chinese reliable leading suppliers. We pride ourself on providing a wide range of dental consumables with fast delivery.

By co-operating with Alwings, you have selected one of the most reliable CE, ISO and FDA certified dental suppliers. Being one of the fastest growing dental supplies companies in China, our commitment at Alwings to our customers has always been, providing excellent service and competitive prices by a professional and experienced team.

We welcome potential buyers to contact us for our mutual benefit.

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